2nd Obejctive - Digital music (Deadline 18/03/2018)

  • Robo-Wonderers, a new trend is conquering the markets. Robots playing music. Is it possible? Toy industries are looking for patterns they can use to built in toys for kids, and not only, and play some kind of melody or music.

    Your companies are in the rush to enshrine the patents asked by toy industries, bringing them great profit and filling your pockets with Robocoins!

    Thus, they are asking your teams to fulfill these tasks:

    1. Watch some of the following inspiration videos (or search the net for your own) to help you decide what you can work on. You must always keep in mind the hardware you have in hand and can use.


    2. Decide the song or melody you will attempt to create (in your robotic construction), only a few characteristic music notes of the song. You can try the Virtual Piano below and also you can use online sequencer for creating midi file (Save-Export MIDI - you must name your midi file after you) in order to let your teammates know your suggestion for song - extra Robocoins for your team, when you upload this midi file to your team folder (R 20 per MIDI file uploaded in YOUR FOLDER). And how can you access YOUR FOLDER? You must follow the link: http://bit.ly/00110010 01101111 01000100 01110110 01001111 01111000 01010110, but the last part of the link is coded in binary (you have to decode the seven characters back to their ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) form in order to have the correct link). Furthermore, if you send (twinmail) the decoded link to both project administrators, you can earn extra Robocoins (R 5 per twinmail) for your team.

      Deadline for uploads and twinmails: Thursday (15/03/2018)

      If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask in the TroubleShooting forum.


    3.  Communicate with your team members and choose the song, that your team will try to synthesize using robotic music instruments that you will build (only one song per team). If all teammates agree with the selected song, convert it to mp3 (you can search the Internet and use an online midi to mp3 converter) and post the selected song on the padlet below. (R 50)

      Deadline for posting team mp3 to padlet: Sunday (18/03/2018)

      If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask in the TroubleShooting forum.


    4. Then decide the two robotic music instruments you will create (piano, drums, guitar, sequencer, etc.) and a representative name for your project. When you come to terms, visit your Canva “Project Planning” (click your team LOGO on the botton of this page and sign in to Canva using your personal email account) and fill in the details for your project. Remember, you can use any materials that you have available but your robots must play the music (automated). (R 100)

    Deadline for creating the plan in Canva: Sunday (18/03/2018)

    If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask in the TroubleShooting forum.

    Canva “Project Planning” by international teams: