1st Objective - Kit Exploration (Deadline 11/03/2018)

  • As you might have guest, in this mission you will create (synthesize) music using your educational robotics kits. But first you must explore and learn more about the tools you have in hand.



    Now that the robotics kits have been explored, you need to deepen your knowledge, searching for further information about them. 

    The task for your team is to  create a mind map about output and input devices , which can be connected to your programming bricks.

    Each team must LOG IN to its mind map (called Popplet, choose your team Logo below) using the username and password provided via Twinmail. Your objective is to create a bubble (popple) with a photo and short description of device that can be connected to any of the two intelligent bricks of the two robotic kits (see detailed instructions in the bubbles in mind map). Each team member must create one popple that has not already been mentioned by someone else (R 5 per member). When all of you have created a single popple, you can create more. The team that has the most correct popples will receive 100 extra Robocoins.

    P.S. Don’t forget to write your name into the bubble too and save your Popplet (Click on the gear icon and save)!


    If you are having any difficulties accomplishing your objectives ask for help in the TroubleShooting forum.


    Ready poplets from teams: