2nd Objective - First Contact (Deadline 11/02/2018)

  • You are now officially a “Robo-Wonderer”. We are very pleased to see that you have decided to join this project.

    We have managed to assemble a significant number of volunteers that are willing to participate in this project.

    For this mission you have two new objectives:

    • You must use the Twinspace forum by clicking on the link First Contact to introduce yourself to other members and to get to meet and know them. You can share information about your age, your family, where do you live, your school, your hobbies and whatever else you wish to share with the rest of the “Robo-Wonderers”.
    • For sharing and describing some of your “Professional Abilities”, you should click on the following image and use the Sandstorm:

    If you find any difficulties accomplishing your objectives ask for help in the TroubleShooting forum.