3rd Objective - Robots and Music (Deadline 01/04/2018)

  • Now that you have filled in your Project Planning Canva and you have chosen the song or melody you will synthesize, you must create two robots using your robotic kits and any other materials you consider necessary (remember that your construction must, somehow, work automated) and take photos and videos of how to construct them (making of) - you will need them in 4th Objective.


    Namely, you have to:

    • build 2 robots which are able to make music / sound / noise
      (Greek teammates from Gigo S4A and Lego, Slovak teammates from Lego)
      [R100 + R100]
    • take photos from construction process and share them with teammates
      (use your team google drive folders: YOUR FOLDER, see 2nd Objective page, part 2) 
      [R50 + R50]
    • take videos - how the robot works and share them with teammates
      (use your team google drive folders)
      [R50 + R50]

    We advise you to watch the simple construction videos (example1, example2). Observe that each step of the constructions (materials, how to connect, final product) is photographed and put in the correct order.

    If you are having any difficulties accomplishing your objectives ask for help in the TroubleShooting forum.

       Deadline for finishing constructions:  Sunday (25 / 03 / 2018)

       New Deadline: Sunday (01 / 04 / 2018)  


    And how it was? See our photogalleries and collages: