4th Objective - e-Commerce (deadline 27/05/2018)

  • "In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can." - Nikos Kazantzakis

    Well done Robo-Wonderers! You efforts are finally paying off. The knowledge you have gained so far has enhanced your ability to turn your ideas and creativity into reality with great success.

    Although your work is ready to hit the market, your companies are holding back. They ask of you two more things before they launch production.

    They want to know your opinion before setting the prices on your products. Thus you must take the following survey and estimate the value of your products and ideas in Robocoins. You can only evaluate opponent teams, so try to be as honest as possible during the process. Click on the following image to be trasfered to our Polldaddy Survey. Fill in your details, watch the team videos and evaluate the price of each teams products. (R 25 per member)

    The second and last thing required, in order to start production, is for you to study opponent team Presentations and vote for the best, most convincing and complete Prezi. And again, you must be honest when placing your vote! Use the following "Thinglink". To view the Prezi Presentations of each team, hover the mouse over the magnifying glasses spotted in the image below. Once you have viewed all the Prezis, click on the chart icon to vote for the best one.

    (Team Votes: 1st - R 250, 2nd - R 175, 3rd - R 125 and 4th - R 100)

         Deadline 27/05/2018     

    If you are having any problems or difficulties feel free to use the TroubleShooting Forum for Mission 3. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!