4th Objective - Products (08/04/2018)

  • Great work Robo-Wonderers! Your companies are satisfied with the results of your work. Toy industries are excited and impatient to apply your patents in toys. But as all products available in the market, your product must be documented. 
    Your next objective is to create documentation for your musical robotic construction - a collaborative presentation (Google Slides) of your two team products, in order to earn 540 Robocoins for your team. 


    First you have to divide the work in your team [R 90]
    (you must use the online webtool https://freedcamp.com, just click your Team Logo,
    and write your name - as a comment - to the selected task)

    Login: robowonderers@mailinator.com   Password: etwinningproject


       Deadline:   01 / 04 / 2018   (Sunday)   

    When all work is divided, you can fill in your team Googe Slides  with:

    • the description of your two robots (what they can do, what song, melody they can play) [R 50 + R 50]
    • two photos and two videos of ready robots (how they look, what they can do) [R 50 + R 50],
    • screenshots of both programs for handling the robots [R 50 + R 50],
    • two videos (what materials are used for the construction, the steps how to build the robot, how it works, you can use software of your preference for editing videos, or online webtools, e.g. https://www.kizoa.com/) [R 50 + R 50], 
    • a final design of the presentation [R 50].

    Link to Google Slides has been sent to you via twinmail. 

       Deadline:   08 / 04 / 2018  (Sunday)   

    If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask in the TroubleShooting forum.