Spring Holiday Mission

  • This week (26th February - 4th March) Slovaks have Spring Holidays. But we know, you are curious and eager to work together, so we offer you the great opportunity to do so. Moreover you can earn some Robocoins too (see the PAYROLL). Your wealth, depends on your ability to cooperate in teams.

    So let’s start the real teamwork!

    YOUR MAIN TASK is:  To design and program two virtual robots made by your team.

    And how can you do it?

    On your TEAM subpage (icons on the bottom of this page or menu on the top left sidebar "Pages") you can find a link to a shared document (http://bit.ly/*******), where you have to collaborate (plan, divide the work, prepare things, write documentation...), but first you have to decode the ******** part of the internet address above
    [reward: R 50]

    Deadline for this first part:   28 / 02 / 2018 (Wednesday)


    Create one Scratch project (per team) and introduce your two virtual robots, designed and programmed by your team-members. You have to discuss (in your shared document from part 1):

    • What kind of robots your company will introduce (e.g. for household, for gardening, for industry, for school, for entertainment…it depends on your fantasy. You will receive extra Robocoins for your creativity!).
    • How you will divide the work: 
      • Who will design the robots (Scratch sprites and costumes - draw, or find pictures on net).
      • Who will create the code (program the first and second sprite in Scratch: after clicking the sprite, the “robot” will speak about its abilities or it will do something).
      • Who will prepare the sound files for speaking sprites.
      • Who will write the documentation (short description and introduction of your virtual robots, what your robots can do: speak, dance, make ice-cream, cut the grass, why we should buy them...).
      • Who will prepare the final Scratch project (from remixes) and send the embed code to project administrators...

    [reward: R 80 for CollabDoc + 130 for Scratch]   
    Deadline for dividing the work:   28 / 02 / 2018 (Wednesday)
     Deadline for introducing your two robots in Scratch project: 04 / 03 / 2018 (Sunday)

    Watch the following Scratch Tutorial we have created especially for this mission. It will help you complete your objectives!

    The last part of your teamwork will be to leave comments on your padlet  "What I did during this mission for my team" (see your subpage), where you have to write, how you personally participated in this mission. And also you can rate your teammates work.       
    [reward: R 45 for post to padlet + R 5 for rating posts ]
    Deadline for this third part:   04 / 03 / 2018 (Sunday)