Robo-Wonderers is a project that implements the action STEM by the Greek National Support Service of eTwinning. The aim of this project is to introduce Educational Robotics with the fascinating learning of physics, technology, mathematics and engineering (STEM) in practice, without theories and unnecessary terminology, via analysis and problem-solv...

Employees of the Month

Each of your companies has asked us to recommend the hardest working employees, as well as those who show improvement during each Mission. After taking into consideration your efforts, the workload you bring out, the quality of your work and respectively to the opinion that each one of you has for your team members and the team member ratings you provide us, we, coordinators will come to a conclusion and hand out the top employee names for each team, each Mission (Month), to your companies.

The Employees of the Month May for each Team are:


The Employees of the Month April for each Team are:


The Employees of the Month March for each Team are:


The Employees of the Month February (Mission 1) for each Team are:


For still image certificates check the MATERIALS tab in Folder "EMPLOYEES OF THE MONTH".

Author: Ιωάννης Κοκκινίδης
Last editor: Ιωάννης Κοκκινίδης