• Nine teachers from five schools answered the questions. These are the average (from 1 to 5 range) and the main conclusions drawn.


    1.- Did you have any problem or difficulties with:
    • Script
    • Rehearsals
    • Accomplish deadlines
    • Uploading materials on e Twinning 
    According to the 9 answers, most difficulties are related with the script of the play: no adaptation for teenagers, some Spanish words in the script and acts too long. Another important problem has been the usage of the etwinning platform. Some teachers had problems uploading materials and another claimed that the materials uploaded sometimes dissapeared.
    2.-Evaluate the performance made during the mobility
    3.-Would you use drama as activity in your school?
    Working sessions
    4.-Were the sessions suitable to reach the scheduled targets?
    5.-Was there enough time to solve your doubts?
    6.-Were your previous activities about performing the play useful for the final task?
    7.- Was the session about Memorandum comprehensive enough to arrange next mobility?
    Coordination and communication
    8. - Has the coordinator team cleared enough the activities to do and the schedule?
    9.-Strenght and weakness of the feedback in preparing the play The Right Decision
    • I liked everyting. Very good
    • Very good that everybody had already done the play back home
    • Very good. Good organization
    • Supervision of the rehearsals for other teachers so that the pressure wasn't only on the host
    • Everything was well organized. Coordination was perfect
    • English for our students was very good for preparing the play. We needed to translate the play for introducing more studentes from our country
    10.- What activities should take more time in the future in order to get better results.
    • The students could have been benefited from lecture-shadowing, where they take part in a normal class with local studentes.
    • Discussing activities
    Suggestions and comments
    •        Maybe the other teachers could have helped some in Spain and students could have visited lessons.omebody  missunderstood that the preparatory podcasts would have been recorded in a professional studio.
    •   ​  More detailed program so students could know when the activities started and ended.
    •       Creating new characters in order to all students could participate on the stage.
    •    To discuss all together different ideas for mobilities including more people from all countries in developing ideas, at least at the beginning of the process.



    This project is part of a bigger Erasmus+ project called European Active Citizenship. We invite you to  follow it on these links.