The right decision

Performing a play about Europe 2020 issues is going to join different people, students and teachers, from different countries with one single goal, to make aware the audience about the significance the problems like climate change or the sustainable development among others. The common language will be English. After performing the play in each co...


1.- Agreement. Each country will think about a theatre play to be played in Córdoba. Zagreb (Croatia), Mars 2017

2.- Proposals of theatre play from partners in Sibbo (Finland). May 2017

Proposals of Theatre plays

Title Author Topic Country Script
The little prince Antoine de Saint-Exupery   Croatia  
Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer   Finland  
A right decision Adaptation of the play written by Ignasi García Barba Sustainable development Italy the Spanish adaptation is great!
Aladdin Middle Eastern folk tale   Latvia  
A right decision Adaptation of the play written by Ignasi García Barba Sustainable development Spain

3.- Agreement. There is unanimity and "The right decision" play is selected. Sibbo (Finland), May 2017

4.- Assignment of characters by countries. Each country will have at least three students taking part in the play as actors or actresses. This assignment is made by spanish coordinator team. Córdoba (Spain), September 2017. The following list shows the casting.

Finland Croatia Italy Latvia Spain
Mr. Fuenteseca Old Field Rose Mr. Hill Mr. Field
Mr. Barros Old Hill Spring Mrs. Matilda Mrs. Flora
Mrs. Hierbas Girl Fauna P1 Narrator
Mrs. Cardo Charlie Prompter 1 P2  
Mr. Cenizo Johny Stand-in Prompter2  

5.- Each country will make its own cast of caracters keeping in mind that those students performing the characters specified in the above table will travel to Córdoba in February. From September to December all teams will rehearse the play following the same directions (annotations in the script). A team might change the gender of a character whereas the character was not included in the list specify in the above table. Any change will have to be agreed by all teams.

6.- Before Christmas all teams will have to perform the play in their own countries. Zagreb, Sibbo, Urbino, Riga, Córdoba, December 2017

7.- Córdoba mobility. February, 2018

  1. Rehersals. February, 12th and 13th. IES Trassierra.
  2. Dress rehearsal. February 14th. Góngora Theatre.
  3. Performing. February 15th. Góngora Theatre.



Author: Antonio Jesús Calvo Morales
Last editor: Antonio Jesús Calvo Morales