Ilaria Ottaviani

  • Hello, my name is Ilaria Ottaviani and I'm Italian. This was the first time that I performed in a theatre, in fact before the show I was very nervous and I was afraid to wrong something but when I was on the stage I've done my best. I liked this experience because it has gave to me the possibility to express without scare. The performance in Cordoba was more professional because when we were in Italy, we hadn't the sound and the objects were not real but made with paper. The difficult to act with students from the other countries was to understand the pronunciation, but after a bit time is became more easy. From the European Active Citizenship project I've learnt to be more responsable and to talk with the others without scare because nobody judge you. At the start of this travel I was shy with my twins and her family, in fact I don't spoke too much but with the time I've wanted to adapt me. At the first day we have known the others and we have done an project to know us. Since the others days we have acted the play for thursday. In the afternoon we have went with twins around of Cordoba. I haven't saw more of the city because we were ever in school or with teachers but today, friday, we will go to buy something for family and to see more of Cordoba.