Salma Bensellam

  • Hello, my name is Salma Bensellam and I come from Italy in Urbino. Yesterday was my first time that I performed in a theatre. At the beginning I was very scared because there were so many people. But I admit that this is the best experience ever and the most difficult. There were some moments when I wanted to stop and up.

    There were many differences between the performance in Urbino and in Cordoba. For example, in Spain we had a bigger and more professional stage, it was very nice. In Italy we performed in a room with two classes of the firt year. The robots were done with paper and the wands with a flashlight.

    It wasn't difficult to act with students from other countries because we had the same pronunciation.

    From the European Active Citizenship project I became more indipendent, responsable and more friendly with everybody. This performance has changed me a lot, I became sure of myself.

    Everyday we spent good time, at the morning we went to school and we've done a lot of tour in the city. We saw many differents places and monuments. The best tour was in the mosque. In the afternoon I had a lot of fun with my spanish twin. I would do all this again.