Johanna Linden

  • 1.Yes and no. I have performed on a smal stage in a "theater", and i liked the experience

    2.We didn't perform in a theater, we only had teachers from school watching and it wasn't as profesional as it was in Cordoba.

    3.No, it was easy

    4.I have learnt that everybody is diffrent, and that you should accept everyone as they are.

    5.We went to a coffe place to drink milkshake and we ate pizza with almoste everybody from the erasmus project. We had a guided tour arround Cordoba and in the Mosque. Thursday was probably the best day of the hole week, because we preformed the theater in the big theater and it was very proffesional. We ate lunch in a restaurant and then we went to a party where we danced. I'm exousted and tired but it is worth it. It has been an amazing week.