Lucía Nicolini

  • Hello I'm Lucia Nicolini , I'm an italian girl and I come from Tallacchio, a village near Urbino (PU).

    It wasn't the first time that I perfomed in a theatre because in I italy I usually dance on stage, but I've never act on it.

    I liked so much this experence because it was funny performed with other students from other countries; they have a good pronunciation and they were very good. 

    During the rehearsal and at the beginnig of the show I was nervous and scared because there were a lot of people and the theatre of Cordova is very beautiful.

    There are a lot of difference between a performance in Italy and here, in Cordoba: in Italy we performed in a room of our school and there were a bit of  audiences; in Cordoba it was all very big , more professional with costoums, lights, scenes, desing, actors ...

    This Erasmus Active Citizenship was a beautifull and wonderful experience : for me it was my first flight and my first time abroad. it was very nice knew other guys: my "Spaniard twin" is Marta Puentes , she is very beautifull and very nice. I liked staying with her, she became my friend and I love her, she will stay for ever in  my heart.

    Thanks to this experience and also thanks to the  theatre I changed  my caracther , I became more responsable, indipendent, sure of myself and I knew new people.

    I liked so much the entire city because I think that Cordoba is really nice with beautiful landscapes.