Paola del Bianco

  • Hello I am Paola  Del Bianco and I come from Italy, Urbino.

    Yesterday we perfomed in a theater, but for me wasn't the first time. I did a musical some years ago in the theatre of Urbino. The perfomance in Cordoba was more professional as the perfomance in our city: we were in a big theatre with sounds, costums, lights and there were lot of people. My rule wasn't acting but I was the propter so I had to help the actors and suggest their parts if they forgot. 

    From this experience I learnt a lot: I was  indipendent and I knew new people from others countries. From the perfomance of the theatre I learnt that even if I hadn't acted and I stayed behind the scenes, my rule helped too. This week for me has been really important and I spent good time, I would do again if I had the possibility.