Arnolds Knoks

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    1. No, it was not the first time i preformed in a theatre. 

     i had performed in a theatre before this play, in school, and in other activities.
      * It was scary at first, but then you get used to it. Lately i have been happy to act in theatre play´s.
      * i don´t exactly remember.

    2. For some reason when i did act in Córdoba, it was more comfortable, maybe because the audience were not Latvians.

    3. Not really, everybody knew their text decently, and i can´t think of a person who had bad english, so it was easy to work together, therefore, easier.

    4. I learn´t to comunicate with others better, and learn´t some different cultures, not only Spanish, but also the other country´s that participated.

    5. It was comfortable, my host Iván always told me what to do if i didn´t know myself, family was very accepting and i really loved the places we visited with our group, Córdoba is a nice city and i really can´t think of anything bad to say about the city. It was a beautiful, mindful expierience.