Gregors Lasenbergs

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    1. No, I had performed in my school too.

    Yes, I liked this experience.


    2. In Cordoba we had a lot more equipment and play was a lot longer than in Latvia. And we had difrent actors.


    3. No, it wasn´t really difficult to act with students from other countries, because other students are really friendly and easy to talk with. I think we did really good at acting.


    4. I think I learnd to be more friendly with people and learned to comunicate in english better. And I learned a lot new about this country and culture of this country. 


    5. Coroba is really beautiful city and i really liked it. Staying here was very nice. I really enjoyed it. My host was friendly and kind too. Only thing is that sometimes it was cold at nights, but with a lot of blankets it´s ok