Patricija Bodniece

  • Patricija Bodniece


    1. question

    Yes, it was the first time i preformed in a theatre and I did enjoy the experience a lot. 

    2. question

    Mostly language differences and the place where we preformed the play because in Latvia it wasn't that formal - we did it at our school, but here we did it in a theatre.

    3. question

    No, it was not difficult. It was very easy to be quite honest.

    4. question 

    I learnt how to work in a group with a lot of people who are coming from different countries around the EU. This project thought me to be more open-minded.

    5. question

    I really loved the place where I stayed. The people whom I stayed with were very loving and understanding. I had a lot of fun in Cordoba. This is a very beautiful city to stay in and to enjoy your free time. Cordoba has got such a beautiful places to see and historical facts to hear. The food here is fantastictly tasteful. We went to see the horses dance and it was amazing, I've never seen something that beautiful and majestic. 

    Thank you for this amazing experience, I really apreciate it! 

    Yours sincerely Patricia!