Karla Skrlec

  • Karla Skrlec

    I had performed in front of an audience a lot of times, but it was never such a big one! Those were always recitals at school or little concerts at music schools. I LOVED the experience! It was incredible getting to see the backstage of the theatre, as it is a place that I believe not many people from Cordoba get to see, let alone Croatia. It was simply great to act with all the people, connect with them beacuse of stage fright, to perform with the special effects, to interact with the audience, everything about the experience was great!

    In Zagreb we had a smaller audience as we performed at the school gym. There weren't many diferences for me, as I play the part of the Girl, who basically speaks with Croatian people, both in Cordoba and Croatia. But the way the robots acted was indeed new and weird for me. At least I didn't have to act like I didn't know what they were doing. :D I also loved seeing a new mayor and Matilda and the fairies... Everybody was really cute and played their part great! The only little problem I faced was that in Croatia we had Cleanville and Dirtville and in Spain those were Villalimpiua and Villasucia so I was scared I would say the wrong name.

    As I've mentioned already, things hadn't changed much for me. However, I admire the actors whose co-actors did change. Every country had their own accent/pronounciation and for me it was a bit difficult to understand and get used to. So it wasn't difficult, but it was definitely a lot of fun to see how other people do some parts and so on. It was difficult because the Spanish Girl was watching me! And then some Spanish friends said I reminded them of Anna Frank. No comment. :P

    I have learnt a lot of things from the project. First, that I loved to act. Also that I had great teachers. God bless all of you beacuse in spite of our best efforts, we would be nowhere if you hadn't worked extra hours and extra hard to make this play and the whole trip happen. We have once again proved that we all can make a difference and will work to make it and I loved that. We are now all part of a big, loving family as we share a unique experience and that's a really valuable thing to have in your life.

    I can't sum it up better than saying that I simply loved it. I loved the people here, they were all really nice and loving. I loved my family, who tried to make our stay as pleasant as possible and provide us as much Spanish food as possible. I think I've made a lot of friends and I hope to see them soon! I want to thank all the Spanish teachers for making us feel so comfortable working with them on the play. It was simply wonderful and I am sad that it ended so fast. However, I do not know why the Spanish participants of the project had exams and homework. If Miriam and Cristina got some bad grades because of us, please dismiss them because they were really excellent hosts and it was impossible for them to have the energy for schoolwork.

    Saludos y ENHORABUENA a todos los estudiantes españoles que nos aceptaron como si fueramos suyos! Nos lo pasamos genial por ellos!