Greta Paolini

  • Hello, my name is Greta and I'm Italian.

    I didn't act here in Spain, because I was one of the three propters. I think that also this part is important for a good result because it's an help for the actors. However I noticed some differences from the performance in my city and the one in Cordoba: first of all in Spain we had a theatre and was everything more professional, with costumes, sounds, scenic design, light, etc.

    From this experience I learnt a lot, I've understood that I can be indipendent, I can live without my parents adn that I can adapt myself in different situations. I' ve socialized with foreign people and I've passed a lot of time with them.

    I really liked this experience and I think that this town is really beautiful and big. I would like to come back here for see more things and for pass more time with my "Spaniard twin" because I really enjoyed the time that I spent with him and I had a lot of fun.