European Active Citizenship Gymkhana

The gymkhana is a competition in which the participants have to sort out problems and questions and reach the goal. Our Gymkhana is about Europe 2020 issues. Students are divided into international teams of four. They must decode messages to find where the information boards are located. In these boards, students can find the data and knowledge to ...

Project Journal

  • Hello,

    here the link to an article on our international Gymkhana in Zagreb on our school emagazine
    - Posted by Carla Campogiani, 29.05.2017

  • Hello!

    On the 16th of May we played Gymkhana in Zagreb! Our second Gymkhana here included some interesting locations nearby our school. The weather was sunny and warm, and we all enjoyed playing it! Here are some photos :)






    - Posted by Tamara Rabuzin, 19.05.2017

  • Hello,
    here is some pictures from the morning assembly when our girls presented their trip to Zagreb and showed some pictures. The whole school was present.

    Sibbo 11.jpg

    Sibbo 12.jpg

    Sibbo 13.jpg

    - Posted by Jonny Lönnfors, 03.05.2017

  • Hello everyone,
    Here is an article from our local paper from when we were in Zagreb. Hope to see you all soon.


    - Posted by Jonny Lönnfors, 03.05.2017

  • Could someone share the pictures of the Gymkhana carried out in Latvia Sibbo via Twitter? It's a shame that these interesting news cannot be shared.
    - Posted by Giuseppe Puntarello, 27.04.2017