October 18 VC

  • On 18th October students in greek schools (2nd experimental Elementary school of Rhodes, Experimental Junior High School Agion Anargyron, 4th Junior High school of Petroupolis) and Antonin Perbosc College of Lafrancaise, France, made measurements and calculations for Eratosthenes project on line using eTwinning platform for video conferences. In this video, greek schools measure and present their results. Representatives from two more greek schools, Zosimaia Scholi of Ioannina and High School of Schimatari, also participated in this activity but without measurements (due to recent earthquake at Ioannina and beacause of cloudy weather at Schimatari). Merlara's High School (Italy) had also measured and posted on videoconference chat their measurement and Brstanovo Junior High School in Croatia could not connect due technical problems and could not make a measurement due to rainy weather also. But the French school measured, 45 mins earlier for this event- with full presentation of their team and their working procedure and of their data.