Eratosthenes 2016

Students from all continents cooperate and collaborate to reproduce one of the science's 10 most beautiful experiments of all time: Eratosthenes' measurement of the Earth's circumference.

Project Journal

  • Dear Friends Thank you for your help and your co-operation on Eratos 2016. I hope we will continue to co-operate and have a friendly relationship in the future.



    - Posted by ΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΑ ΓΛΗΝΟΥ, 09.12.2017

  • On vient de recevoir le Label de Qualité National pour Eratos 2016! Merci à tous!!!



    - Posted by ELENI HARTZAVALOU, 07.08.2017

  • Thank you! And we keep on going...with you all, dearest friends!!! <3


    - Posted by Athanasia Zafeiropoulou, 06.08.2017

  • We thank all our associates, students around the world, especially Mrs Athanasia and Mr Eric, who have led us on the road to these acknowledgments!



    - Posted by Daniela Ruzic Mrak, 10.06.2017

  • Δημιουργήθηκε με το Padlet

    - Posted by ΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΑ ΓΛΗΝΟΥ, 15.01.2017