"Democritus" hosts Eratos

  • Our Eratosthenes project participated in European Researchers Night on 30 September 2016 http://www.renathens.gr/event/ekefe-democritos/
    with the presentation of the experiment in the big event that was held by the National Greek Research Center "Democritus". Our students from Experimental Junior High School Agion Anargyron (Bill Kostopoulos ) and 4th Junior High School of Petroupolis presented the idea of Eratosthenes for measuring the circumference of Earth and the procedure we are following in the Eratos group nowdays while repeating the experiment. Also Petros Efstathiou was among us for a while. Our presentation's stand had visitors' attention and all of us enjoyed a very interesting and pleasant night together...wishing to meet again soon.