China Summer

  • Today is “Start of Summer” the sun celestial longitude is 45 degree, which is the 7th of the twenty-four solar term. People used to place on the summer begins as temperature increased significantly, in the hot summer will, thunderstorm, entered the peak season to grow crops is one of the most important solar terms. After the summer begins, is a critical period of early rice cultivation, sooner or later, and this time the rain comes and amount of rainfall, and closely related to the harvest in the future.
    Egg fight game
    At noon, after every family cooked egg, then put on a good long woven mesh bags, hanging on child neck. The children were fighting egg game. Skimmer ends are pointed for the first round by the tail. When eggs egg bucket bucket head egg head, egg egg hit the tail end. A a fight in the past, those who break throw in the towel, and finally apiece. Egg head the winner of the first, the egg is king.