Arts plastiques 2

  • Eustathia Aggeli, cours d'Arts plastiques

    Collège Modèle Zanneio, le Pirée

    The art team of the program 'Nemo 2021 sous nos mers' researches the ancient Greek mythology full of symbolism with the gods, the demigods, the monsters, the Nereids and the nymphs who protected their marine environment, and took revenge on the uninvited arrogant visitors.

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    The students after a storm of ideas for the artistic framing of our theme created the following posters




    The student of Zanneio Protypo Gymnasio Peiraia, Baltuma Iro-Dionysia, created a fantastic comic about the pollution of the marine environment, pointing out the danger that it poses for the safety of humanity with the title: COMIC - Will we remain apathetic?



    The students imagined the personalities of the heroes Aronnax and Conseil in our time and created their respective avatars which are Cristophe Papandreou and Persephone Olympiou.

    The students created comics inspired by the beauty of the seabed that is in danger and the fantastic adventures of Captain Nemo.


    The art team of the 'Nemo 2021 sous nos mers' program is recruiting the worthy Captain Nemo and all his allied maritime entities in order to provide a way out of human interventions and pollution that destroys the marine environment and its inhabitants.
    The students illustrate the fantastic stories written by their classmates, make the construction of the navy and lead it to the Saronic Gulf 
    in order to provide a solution to marine pollution.



    Captain Nemo arrives by submarine nautilos in the Saronic Gulf, in a sea cleaning and protection operation.



    N. KOROLOGOU - Comic - Nemo: An adventure in the city Comic

    The student N. Korologou created a fantastic comic about the action of Captain Nemo and his team for the salvation of the city and the port of Piraeus and his return to New Atlantis


    Modern Atlantis is one of the latest scenarios that comes to life in the imagination of students.