Hello Europe, we are here!


    Hello Europe, we are here! ....... from Tarquinia, Italy!

    The Italian students would like to say hello and are really happy to work together with the fellow students from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland , Romania and Turkey.  They are  looking forward to meeting you!

     We send you all our best wishes. -

    Hello, Europe! We are here! Brasov, Romania.


    Hello Europe, we are here...Czech Republic

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    At this meeting, students were informed about the project and what tasks we perform.

    Greetings to all our friends...:)



    On October 20, 2015, Slovakia

    we symbolically shouted: „Hello Europe, we are here!“. More than 200 pupils gathered in our cafeteria to get know about our project and mainly about our project partners. Our oldest pupils prepared presentations in PowerPoint and they presented them to their classmates. We have also prepared our mascots Maťko Slovak and Zuzanka Slovak to their journey.

    We say „Hello“to everybody ... Hello, we are here!


    3 November 2015, Poland

    Our meeting with students..and with mascot Jakub. We talked about project Lively English book for children...nice time for us :-)




    Hello Europe, we are here..!  

    Big hugs and greetings from Turkey to all our good friends from different countries.