Book (Lesson 3)

  • Vocabulary:

    family,mother, mum, father, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, baby, aunt, uncle, cousin

    little, tall, short, fat, thin, eyes, hair, photo, friendly, old, young,

    pretty, ugly, nice, funny, cute, strong, mean, lazy, shy, clever, love

    kitchen, living room, bedroom, dinnig room, bathroom, garden 

    chair, table, sofa, bed, armchair, television, desk, carpet, bookshelf, lamp 

    pet, cat, dog, hamster, bird


    Story 1: My sister, my brother

    A:  Have you got a brother?

                 B:  Yes, I have.  ( IT ) / No, I haven´t. (PL, CZ)

    A:  Have you got a sister?

                 B:  No, I haven´t. (IT ) / Yes, I have.  (PL, CZ) What about you?

    A:  I have got one sister and one brother.

               B:  How old is your sister/brother?

    A:  She/he  is (5). How old is your  brother/sister?

               B:   He /she is (10).

    A: Slovakia    B: Czech Republic

    A: Romania   B: Poland

    A: Turkey      B : Italy



    Story 2: My family

    A: Hello, this is my family. (photo of  the tablet)

                  B: Who are these?

    A:  This is my mum. She is in the kitchen. This is my dad. He is in the dinning room. He is on the chair. I love my mum and my dad.

                  B:   And who is this?

    A:  This is my grandma. She is in the living room. She is on the armchair. (SK) /This is my grandpa (PL).  He is in the bathroom./ This is my uncle. He is in the garden. (TU) I love my grandma/grandpa/uncle.

                  B:  Have you got a grandpa (SK) / grandma (PL)/ aunt (TU)?

    A:  No, I haven´t. / Yes, I have.

    A: Slovakia   B. Czech republic

    A: Poland   B: Romania

    A: Turkey      B : Italy

    (Change the family members, the rooms and the furniture)


    Story 3: Family - appearence

    A: Has your mum got long SK /short  RO,TU hair? 

              B: Yes, she has. / No, she hasn´t. She has got long/short, brown hair. (photo)

    A: Is your mum pretty SK / clever RO/ nice/ young TU?

              B: Yes, she is. She is very pretty. / No, she isn´t.

    A: Has your dad got blue SK/brown RO /green TU eyes?

              B: No, he hasn´t. / Yes, he has. He has got blue/brown eyes. (photo)

    (Change the family members and adjectives)

    A: Slovakia    B: Czech Republic

    A: Romania   B: Poland

    A: Turkey      B : Italy




    Story 4: My pet

    A: Have you got a pet?

    B: Yes, I have a cat PL  /dog SK  /bird IT. His/ Her name is .....

    A: Where is he/she?

    B: He/ She is in the living room PL /garden SK/ kitchen/ bedroom IT. He/ She is on the sofa PL / under the chair SK/ on the table  IT.

    (Change the pets, the rooms, prepositions and the furniture)

    A: Czech Republic B: Slovak

    A: Romania          B: Poland

    A: Turkey             B : Italy