Polish school

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    Our school

    There are …. pupils at our school and 26 classes. Children start primary school at the age of 6 ( it used to be 7) but they start compulsory education one year earlier, in so called 0 grade. They finish primary school at the age of 13 so there are 6 grades. Primary education is divided into two stages, from grades 1 to 3 and then, from grades 4 to 6. The school year starts on September 1st and it ends on the last Friday of June. It is divided into two terms, with a two-week winter break in between. There is also a break for Christmas and for Easter.

    What we learn

    Children in grades 1-3 are taught mainly by one teacher. Later, each subject is taught by another teacher. Older pupils learn Polish, Maths, Science, History, Art, Technology, IT, Music, PE and English ( at some schools children learn another foreign language, e.g. German).  Children start learning a foreign language in the first grade. In grade 6, pupils have to take an exam – in Polish, Maths and a foreign language.  Pupils from our school can take part in after school activities, e.g. football, dancing and singing, drama or English.


    At Polish schools, teachers use a scale of 6 marks. The best one is “6”, and “1” is the poorest. With younger children, teachers use marks or written information about the children’s achievements. Older pupils get marks during the year for tests, homework, or oral tests. For the end of each term, they get a final mark in each subject.

    Life at school

    Pupils have a different timetable for every day of the week. The first lesson starts at 8.00 and the last one finishes at 16.05. Each lesson lasts 45. Children have breaks, which are 10 or 15 minutes long. Each day, they have between 4 and 7 lessons. Some children have dinner at the school’s canteen, other bring sandwiches with them. There is also a common room, where pupils can wait for their parents after lessons or for their lessons if they come to school early.

    What I can buy ?

    Ice cream - 0.2 e

    Pizza - 4 or 5 e

    coca-cola 2l - 1.25 e

    the same in Slovakia  :-)

    It is my city Brodnica !