1 st meeting: Czech republic, Slovakia

  • Partners’ meeting in Trenčianske Teplice

    We are very glad that we could welcome the representatives of partners’ schools. The welcome was traditional – bread and salt, but also dancing and singing. In the presence of pupils there was a big ceremony of welcoming of our mascots. All the mascots introduced themselves and they had an opportunity to sit as the guests of our Zuzanka Slovak. But not for a long time, because their two-year journey through the partners’ schools started from last Friday. Our pupils enjoyed the guests too. The pupils of the first class got some more information about the Czech Republic and about the school in Sivice, the pupils of the second class about Brodnica in Poland, the pupils of the third class about Brašov in Romania, the pupils of the fourth class about Istanbul and the pupils of the fifth class about a big school in Tarquinia in Italy.

    In the afternoon there was a big project workshop, where common actions of the project were discussed. The evening was not free, because there was a working meeting with the teachers involved in the project. Friday was already in a slower working pace. We worked with the photography in a field.

    We believe, that although there was not much of free time for recognizing the surrounding of our school, our friends enjoyed our town and country and the will visit it once more again.

    Romanian teachers in visit in Slovakia. Class 3. 

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    Romanian teachers in Sivice school, class 3 and 4.

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    Sivice, Czech Republic


    Teacher´s  workshop