Lively English book for children

Lively English book for children will arise at the end of our two-year work. This book will be used by teachers, pupils, parents and all beginners in English language. We will have a lot of funny learning, games and recognizing together . Look how easy it can be:

"Finish line"

Ceremonial end of the project in Sivice

Pupils and teachers met on 29 June. 2017 on the final set and evaluation of the project.



Brasov, Romania

Dissemination at teachers meeting.

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Brasov, Romania

Dissemination of the project at national national exhibition, of Erasmus + and eTwinning projects

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In our last meeting of the project, our students have been awarded the eTwinning diplomas. 

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Dessimination Poland-Brodnica

Last presentation mascots at Brodnica ...

Our last meeting at school - project team from Brodnica

We talked about the project time for evaluation our work.Nice time for us when we worked toghter !


Brodnica evaluation on Biteable.




Slovakia 2017

On June 21 2017 there was a closing ceremony of our project "Lively English book for children". We welcomed our mascot "Kubko" who returned from his journey through the partner countries. We also prepared a small competition, where 24 pairs performed the dialogues from the e-book. 




Final  activities at school in Italy

On the 28th and 29th June 2017, the Italian students and teachers had meetings to  finish the school year and gave a balance of the ending project. The eldest students came to give their farewell to their teachers and school as next year they will be somewhere else. The smallest  students got their annual results and certificates. They all met Primo Bemolle, back after a very long period  abroad. Plenty of stories have to be told...teachers reflect on how European projects can influence  students' results and motivation, not to mention teachers' enthusiasm  and desire to experiment new teaching theories.  You can see some of the main moments:



Author: Denysa Križanova
Last editor: Marzena Kaszyńska