Turkish school

  • Our School 

    In Turkey We have a 4+4+4 education system formula.12 years education is compulsory. The 1st 4 years period is primary school period. In Our school building we  have both Thé primary and Thé secondary school students.  There are approximately 700 students in our primary school section including the 2 pre-school classes(also can be called as 0 classes).students start school at the age of 6 and finish primary school  at 9. Education year starts in September end finishes in June.It is divided in to 2 terms. There is a 2 weeks break in between the 2 terms.

    What We Learn

    Children in grades 0-4 are mainly taught by one teacher. Compulsory English education starts in 2nd grade. Main lessons are Maths, Science, Turkish, Social Studies, Art, P.E., Music.

    How Teachers Evaluate Students

    In the first three years Of primary school the Assesment is made through performance and oral tests. Written Exams assesments can be done only  in 4th grade. Thé School year is divided in to 2 terms. When Thé 1st term finishes Thé students get a half term grade report. And When Thé year is completed they get their final reports.  THe work Of Thé students is evaluate with marks from 1-5.1 is Thé worst and 5 is Thé best.
    One day at our school
    A typical school day starts at 9 a.m. We haven a Lunch break of 40 minutes after Thé 4th lesson. Wè make 2 more lessons and finish at 2.20 p.m. Wè have 6 lessons each day. Students eat Lunch at school canteen. Teachers give students  at least 20 minutes early in the morning in the class to make sure that they eat properly. 
    Turkish Education Ministry provides milk for each student for free.

    What it costs to buy......

    Water (250ml) 0,10 €
    ─░ce-cream         0,20 €
    Pizza                 3-4   €
    Coca Cola  (2lt)    1 €