Lively English book for children

Lively English book for children will arise at the end of our two-year work. This book will be used by teachers, pupils, parents and all beginners in English language. We will have a lot of funny learning, games and recognizing together . Look how easy it can be:

3rd meeting: Italy


In TARQUINIA from the 23rd to the 27th May 2016

The  partner teams  of the "Lively English book for children" met in Italy to implement the project,

You can see some of the most important moments of the working meeting in the following images, and the teams' approach to the main landmarks in Tarquinia area.

The Italian students appreciated the presence of such inclusive teachers and had an extra motivation to study and speak English. Their curiosity about the partner schools habits and organization led to a really productive meeting.  After the partners' departure, the students had long discussions comparing the different education systems to their own.

From that moment on, they worked on the project with a stronger motivation and better results.






Author: Denysa Križanova
Last editor: Lucilla Santucci