Lively English book for children

Lively English book for children will arise at the end of our two-year work. This book will be used by teachers, pupils, parents and all beginners in English language. We will have a lot of funny learning, games and recognizing together . Look how easy it can be:

Czech school



Our school
There are 62 pupils in our elementary school. We have 4 classes and pupils from 1 to 5 grade. Children start school at the age of 6 and they leave our school at the age of 10. They continue studying at 6 class in closed vilage Pozořice. The school year starts on 1 September, to school we go on the first working day of September and the school year ends on the last working day of June.
What we are learning
As at every Czech school we learn these subjects:  Mathematics, Czech language and literature, Science,  History, PE, Art. We have many activities after lesson.
How teachers evaluate at our school
The work of pupils is evaluated with marks from 1 to 5. 1 is the best mark and 5 is the worst. Our school year is divided to two parts. After each part pupils get half term grade report. It means they get the first half term grade report in January and the second at the end of June.
The life of a pupil
Pupils come to school at 7:30. The lessons start at 8. The length of the lesson is 45 minutes. We have ten minute break after each lesson. We usually have  or 5 lessons per day.  Pupils have lunch at our school canteen. In the afternoon pupils may go to some of the afternoon activities.
What I can buy
Ice cream  0,5€
Pizza            4 or 5€
Coca Cola 2L  1,20€


Author: Denysa Križanova
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