Lively English book for children

Lively English book for children will arise at the end of our two-year work. This book will be used by teachers, pupils, parents and all beginners in English language. We will have a lot of funny learning, games and recognizing together . Look how easy it can be:

Romanian school

Our school
We are a big public school in our town, around 1000 pupils in primary school and in secondary school. In our school, pupils study until 12 or 1 pm after school they eat lunch, sleep and prepare their homeworks together with teachers. The program of school start at 8 and finish at 6 pm for secondary school, at 12 for primary school short program and at 4 all pupils from after school program. The age of our students is between 5 to 15 years old. The school year start on 15 September and finish on 21 June.

What we are learning
In our school the pupils learn these subjects:  Romanian language, Mathematics, Science,  History, Georgaphy, Civic education, IT, Art, English  and French language, Environmental education, Sports, Religion. We have many activities, projects all the school year.

How teachers evaluate at our school
The work of pupils is evaluated with letters in primary school ( FB- very good, B- good, S- sufficient, I- insufficient) and with marks at secondary school from 1 to 10. 10 is the best mark and 1 is the worst. Our school year is divided to two parts. After each part pupils have an evaluation. At the end of school year, grade 2, 4, 6 have an National Evaluation. Also 8 grade have at the end of school an National evaluation to attend at hight school.


The life of a pupil
Pupils come to school at 7:30. The lessons start at 8. The length of the lesson is 50 minutes. We have ten minute break after each lesson. We usually have  or 4- 5 lessons per day at primary school and more 5- 6 in gymnasium.  Pupils from after school program have lunch at our school canteen.

What I can buy
Ice cream  0,5€
Pizza            4 or 5€
Coca Cola 2L  1,20€


Author: Denysa Križanova
Last editor: Livia Dobrescu