Lively English book for children

Lively English book for children will arise at the end of our two-year work. This book will be used by teachers, pupils, parents and all beginners in English language. We will have a lot of funny learning, games and recognizing together . Look how easy it can be:

Project Journal

  • UNIT 3 - STORY 4
    Livia and me ..our pet is cat.
    - Posted by Marzena Kaszyńska, 23.04.2016

  • Materials: till the end of January
    • Majka will make interactive games
    • Pavel and Míla will make comics
    • Onder will make fun exercises ( various crosswords, memory games ...)
    • Zuzka and Zuzka will make exercises connected with videos
    • Livia - ?
    • Lucilla - ? .... make up a type – whatever you would like to do and you want to have it in the book
    • The made materials save into Google Drive to a prepared file

    - Posted by Denysa Križanova, 25.11.2015

  • Stories: till the end of December
    • You can record in terrain or in front of green chroma key
    • In terrain: be careful with light, the wind must not blow
    • Indoor: you need good light, green chroma key, room with equipment that absorb sound (carpet, curtains ...)
    • Good-quality recorded sequences record into your file in Google drive
    • If you record indoors, I need good-quality photos to the background (1-2MG)

    - Posted by Denysa Križanova, 25.11.2015

  • Vocabulary: till the end of November
    • Choose 6-8 words from the vocabulary that are typical for your town
    • Use good-quality photos 1-2 MG
    • Put it into the pattern PPT (put the sign of your country)
    • Save PPT to Google drive
    • It is possible to add a word that you need in the unit

    - Posted by Denysa Križanova, 25.11.2015

    1. Vote from 2.11.2015 to 4.11.2015
    2.From each contry only 30 people can vote ( pupil or pupils with teachers )
    3.You must'nt vote for your country
    4.Below the questionnaire there is a word Polish "prześłij " it means English "Submit"
    5.When you write the number of work click on "prześlij "
    - Posted by Marzena Kaszyńska, 01.11.2015