Book (Lesson 5)

  • Vocabulary:

    Breakfast: roll, butter, jam, honey, nutella, bread, cereals, sandwich, ham, salami, croissant    (Deny)

    Lunch: meat, chicken, fish, potatoes, rice, chips, pasta, cheese, vegetable salad, pizza   (Pavel)

    Dinner: potato pancakes, tomato soup, chicken soup, pancakes, lasagna, kebab  (Majka)

    Drinks: tea, chocolate milk, milk, water, orange juice,   (Livia)

    Snacks: donut, pear, apple, orange, sandwich, bread with ham or cheese, piece of a cake  (Luci)

    yummy, delicious, hungry, filling, tasty, healthy, canteen  (Onder)


    A: Good morning. Do you have breakfast every day?

    B: Yes, of course. It is healthy.

    A: What do you eat for breakfast?

    B:  I eat .............                       

    A: What do you drink for breakfast?

    B: I usually drink ............   And you?               

    A: Hmmm.  I do not have breakfast in the morning.

    A: CZ                     B: SK    - bread with butter and cheese / tea

    A: PL                     B: TU     - cereals with milk / chocolate milk

    A: RO                    B: IT       - croissant with honey or nutella / milk

    Story 2

    A: Hello! Where are you?

    B: I am in the ….. 

    A: What are you doing?

    B:  I am eating my lunch.

    A: What are you eating?

    B: I am eating ………

    A: Do you like it?

    B: Yes, I do. It is very delicious.

    A: CZ                     B: SK      -  canteen / tomato soup, chicken and rice

    A: TU                    B: PL      - kitchen / fish and chips and vegetable salad    

    A: RO                    B: IT       - at home / pizza with cheese and salami             


    Story 3

    A: Hello!

    B: Hi. I am having dinner.

    A: What do you eat for dinner?

    B: We eat ….  . And you?          

    A: We eat …..  . It is yummy!   

    B: Do you like …..  meals?        

    A: I love ……  meals.

    A: SK     pancakes with jam or nutella                  B: CZ   potato pancakes /           A,B: sweet meals

    A: PL      meat with potatoes and vegetable          B: TU  kebab with vegetable salad and bread /    A,B:  meat meals

    A: RO    chicken soup                                           B: IT    vegetable lasagna /          A,B: vegetable meals

    Story 4

    A: Hi. I am hungry.

    B: I am hungry too. Let’s eat something.

    A: What snack do you have at school?

    B: I usually have …… And you?    

    A: I have …..                                     

    A: SK  - a roll with ham and some fruit                      B: CZ      - a cheese sandwich and tea

    A: PL  - donut and orange juice                                 B: TU     - bread with jam and water

    A: RO    -  a salami sandwich and an apple                 B: IT       - a piece of a cake and milk


    The rules of recording

    1. Follow the text and the division of additional words in dialogues
    2. Copy the environment and atmosphere of the dialogue according the model SK – CZ
    3. Be careful with light and sounds from the surrounding
    4. Record the child’s face from reasonable distance (not too far, not to near)
    5. If a child is pointing at pictures, record the video in a way that you can easily see the pictures, or in case we can put them into the video inn digital form
    6. Change the background in videos, we prefer interesting places of interior or choose exterior


    Rules of sending the materials:

    1. Download the materials (vocabulary, video, materials) to the files of the concrete Lesson
    2. Send information about downloading the materials to Denysa
    3. Just Denysa fills in the excel chart about materials, which are processed and published and are OK