Julia and Rick

  • Julia and Rick (Hungary)

    The Amamilus is a long, flowing river, flowing from west to east. There are plenty of crocodiles in it, and there are few on the bridge. Julia lives on the Amamilus River. Julia is a 17-year-old girl, deadly in love with Rick, who lives on the other side of Amamilus.

     Julia desperately wants to visit him so she goes to Hans and asks him to take her to the other side of Amamilus. Hans has a ship but no time, and he does not help out Julia.

    Julia does not give up, she goes to Sergio and asks him to take her to the other side. Sergio says it's okay but only tomorrow morning; Julia would have to spend the night with him.

    That's how it was, Julia wanted to go to Rick, and she spent the night with Sergio, who had taken her over to the shore in the morning. Julia flew to her love to tell him how hard she had come to it. Rick immediately sent Julia away. Julia was in great distress at the Amamilus bank, struggling with tears. Then he met James. James asked why she was crying, and Julia told him her story.

    James immediately went to Rick and made two huge slaps without a word.


    This background story can be one of the many story

    Julia is a 17 year old high school student, has nothing to do during the hot summer vacation. Rick is her teacher who is a happy family man. Hans also teaches at the same high school, Rick's colleague, their relationship is almost friendly.  Sergio is Julia's grandfather, who sees rarely his favorite granddaughter. They talked long, had tea, and some chess parties took place in the hot summer night. James is an aggressive psychopath. It's a pity he just snapped Rick.