What would you take?

  • What would you take? (Turkey)

    This activity helps to teach empathy for refugees, the difficulties they are facing with and to understand each other better  The class can work as a group or individually, they only need a pen and a paper. The aim of the activity is to explore how it might feel to be a refugee. Ask the class that you’ve returned home from school and you see a note that you must leave in half an hour.You can only take a small rucksack. You need to decide 10 items to take with you. After 5- 10 minutes tell them that they should only take 3 of them. Here  you can act out like a refugee or read a real story. You can continue the activity by worsing the situations and ask them to make choices, like who and what would they left behind.You can use music in accordance with the mood. Ask them to write a letter saying good bye and expressing how they feel.Then ask them to read their letters, after reading the letters can be upsetting s end up the session by changing the mood and you can give real information about the refugees who left their country .And ask them what we can do to help them.