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    s work focuses on education, health and the environment, the three elements that define the power of a community and directly influence the quality of life of people living daily in it.

    Save the Children - Bucharest 
    "Save the Children" Association is a non-governmental, nonprofit, public utility organization actively advocating for the rights and protection of the child in accordance with the provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
    The programs of the Organization are addressed to all children with special attention to those at risk, children from disadvantaged communities, child victims of violence, children from disorganized families (at national level), children from poor families, no discrimination of any category, various ethnicities, refugee children, and talented children, children with families, but also institutionalized children.

    New Horizons Foundation
    We innovate and support models of education through experience that empower young people to develop themselves, the community and the world they live in!

    Association Partners for a European Community ",Teleorman -The goal of the "Partners for a European Community of the European Community" Association is to encourage the Romanian civil society to promote and develop community programs on sectors of social, economic, cultural and educational activity in the south of Romania.
    Objectives: to develop the European dimension in education and to create equal opportunities for rural and urban youth regardless of ethnicity, race, sex, religion; forming and promoting the positive spirit of constructive approach, tolerant and conciliatory attitude, freedom of thought and consciousness, relationship and expression of one's own ideas.
    To achieve the objectives, A.P.C.E. develops activities such as: initiating and conducting social and community projects, cultural, environmental, education and life, health, career guidance and counseling; developing training programs for civic education of young people and editing materials for training.