Stereotype on the forehead

  • Stereotype on the forehead (Hungary)
    We give you a stereotyped group expression on a label. You have to hold it while not seeing it in front of your forehead. The other students have to tell you stereotypes about your represented group, help you find out what group you represent.


    Questions for evaluation:

    > What did you feel holding this label? (mostly when they told you negative stereotypes)

    > What did you feel while you told stereotypes to the labeled person?

    NOTE: During the exercise we collect informations about the students comments against stereotypes. For example: This is not true/This person is not like that, etc..

    On labels: 

    refugee, woman, vegetarian, teacher, supermodel, tattooed, pensioner, only child, mailman, metrosexual, homeless, informatics, italian, homosexual, single, rocker, russian, priest, politician, policeman/policewoman, free from jail, french, german, actor/actress, doctor, countryman, celebrity, bus driver, drug addict, football player, english,