in Spain



    Andalucia coast borders and specially Granada ones, receive everyday hundreds of migrants from Asia and Africa, but also South America. Red Cross is in charge of these people, look after them during first days to recover health, they help them to integrate in our society through teaching them social codes, economic help, home, etc. 
    In this sense, CATI ( Immigration Temporary Assistance Centre) in Granada focuses on all these issues during several months. Later, they support them. 


    Charles, a senegalese immigrant, decided to create an association in order to share his experience with other immigrants, support them as a “father” the meaning of DIAPÓ  in his mother tongue. Later, he collaborated with different NGOs and integrate them. Nowadays, Diapó is part of the Granada NGOs structure and has many volunteers and co-funders. 
    We had the opportunity to have a talk with Xavi, one of the members talking about his personal experience in our school. Also, during our host “Democracy lessons” we could do some workshops and spend some time all together with a solidary meal cooked by some senegaleses women immigrants.