Boys don’t cry

  • Boys Don’t Cry - And Girls are Smarter (Turkey)

    This is an activity to discuss gender stereotypes and gender equality, to promote tolerance and to illustrate how stereotypes create discrimination. It can be applied to a group of 8-20 children at the age of 8-13. You need papers for signs and slips of paper for statements. During the activity children discuss and present their sketch on provocative statements. You have to prepare a list of statements about boys and girls stereotypes such as;

    • Puppets are only for girls
    • Boys don’t cry
    • Only boys play football
    • Girls are weak and boys are strong
    • etc.

    Then you choose three statements and prepare 4 signs:

    • I agree 
    • I don’t know 
    • I am still thinking 
    • I disagree

    You place each in corners of the room. After that you ask the students to take a position when you read the statements one by one. Then you ask the students to choose one statement and give hem time to create a sketch about it. Ask each group to present it, after the presentation ask ach group what message did they intend to give..You can end up the activity after each group make their presentation and you can debrief the activity with some evaluation questions about stereotyping and discrimination.