Eight way to solve the crisis

  • Eight ways to solve the crisis (Spain)

    1. Opening up safe routes to sanctuary for refugees is one important solution. That means allowing people to reunite with their relatives, and giving refugees visas so they don’t have to spend their life savings and risk drowning to reach safety.

    2. It also means resettling all refugees who need it. Resettlement is a vital solution for the most vulnerable refugees – including torture survivors and people with serious medical problems.

    3. Right now, 1.2 million people urgently need this lifeline

    4. World leaders also need to put saving lives first. No one should have to die crossing a border, and yet almost 7,000 people drowned in the Mediterranean alone in the two years since the first big shipwreck in October 2013. 

    5. Thousands of people fleeing persecution in Myanmar suffered for weeks on board boats while Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia bickered over who should help them in May 2015.

    6. States can stop this by investing in search and rescue operations and immediately helping people in distress.

    7. And whether they travel by land or by sea, people fleeing persecution or wars should be allowed to cross borders, with or without travel documents. 

    8. Pushing people back and putting up massive fences only forces them to take more dangerous routes to safety.