Prejudice & stereotypes

  • Prejudice and stereotypes (Romania)

    This activity starts with a thinking skills activity which aims to reveal students own prejudicial and stereotypical views in order to introduce the concepts. Students then explore stereotypes of different genders and of teenagers to appreciate how it feels to be labeled. This enables them to empathize with other groups that can be stereotyped and to challenge the negative labels. Working in pairs, students review the statements on the flip chart which are all stereotypes. They will take it in turns to role-play: one person says the statement to their partner, the other person acts in role of the stereotyped group and says: how the statement makes them feel and why it isn’t true or fair to label all people like that.


    1. All gay men are weird

    2. The woman’s place is in the home

    3. All black people are good at sports

    4. You have to talk slowly to a disabled person

    5. All kids are lazy

    6. Blonde women are stupid

    7. Elderly people are frail and boring

    8. Boys in hoodies are violent

    9. Immigrants are scroungers

    10. All gypsies are thieves

    11. Boys that cry are gay