Safe place

  • Safe Places (Turkey)

    The aim of the activity is to develop the feeling of empathy for the refugees and to understand better what makes them to flee from their country. The other point is that what kind of problems are they having as a refugee in a foreign country. Throughout the activity the students think about the reasons which forces someone to leave their country and they were told a few situations. Then they were asked to decide about whether is it safe or not safe to be in a place like a school, a hospital or a marketplace as a refugee. After each situation the students share their thoughts about why they think so. The activity goes on developing scenarios about the severe conditions the refugees are facing with and discussion on the discriminative behaviours on refugees, the rights of refugees and developing solutions about the problem.  In order to do this activity a large room is needed to label some places as safe, not safe and not sure. In fact, the activity helps the students to understand the refugee problem. better.