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  • Rosalía de Castro is a well known figure and many streets, parks, schools, monuments, and so on, have been named after her.

    Our partners have taken some pictures to places near where they live related to Rosalía de Castro.

    Here you can have a look at them.

    This is an old metal figure related to Rosalia in Padrón, a village where she lived in her last years.
    Picture of her house in Padrón, nowadays museum. From rosaliadecastro.org/a-casa-museo

    This picture was taken in Santiago de Compostela. This monument is placed near where Rosalía de Castro was born.

    IES Rosalía de Castro (High School) in Santiago de Compostela. From iesrosalia.net

    Ourense honors Rosalía.


    This is a wall inside a house.



    This is the house in Carril, where Rosalia spent some of her summers, near the sea. Before die, she wanted to see the sea again, from its windows and she travelled to Carril.


    From the window in the house in Carril.



    From the window in Carril. Arousa inland.



    A street named after her in Carril.



    Monument in Carril (Vilagarcía de Arousa)




    Open the window, daughter / I want to see the sea / I wish to see the boat / that will take me soon (Poem by Xaquina Trillo, for Rosalía)



    Public library in Vilagarcía de Arousa, Galiza.


    This is another street named after her in Ribeira.



    Plaque and statue of Rosalía de Castro in Praza Maior, Lugo.


    In Lugo, there is also an emblematic park named “Parque Rosalía de Castro”


    You can find more information about the park named "Rosalía de Castro" here:


    Hotel with the name of Rosalia de Castro. Avenida San Xoán, 40, 36994 Poio, Spain; so not only roads....


    Park in Logroño (La Rioja, Spain). From Google Maps.


    Work of the artist Xela Area in the expo Ceramic Suite. "Lighting Rosalía", with verses of the poet. In Eibar (Euskadi), Cangas and Foz (Galiza).