Letras galegas 2015 - Rosalía de Castro

"V European competition of bookmarks" is devoted to the first author honored by Galician Literature Day. It commemorates the beginning of this celebration.

Project Journal

  • Félicitations ! Votre établissement scolaire a reçu le Label de qualité européen pour l’excellence du travail mené dans le cadre du projet eTwinning "Letras galegas 2015 - Rosalía de Castro". Cela signifie que votre travail, celui de vos élèves et votre établissement scolaire ont été reconnus au plus haut niveau européen.

    EQL eTwinning Hauss.jpg

    - Posted by Christophe Hauss, 06.11.2015

  • European Quality Label - Escola Secundária Carlos Amarante (Braga, Portugal)
    The Portuguese National Agency distinguishes our school with the European Quality Label for the excellent work of the eTwinning project "Letras Galegas 2015 - Rosalia de Castro." Congratulations to all the teachers and students involved.

    etw_europeanqualitylabel_69588_pt (1).pdf

    - Posted by Adelina Moura, 30.10.2015

  • We have created a page (http://twinspace.etwinning.net/882/pages/page/46208) with some pictures of monuments, streets, places, and so on, named after Rosalía de Castro.
    If there is a place like this near where you live, you can upload more pictures to this page.
    - Posted by Cristina París Brandariz, 12.06.2015

  • IES San Clemente has assembled two videos with the strophes recorded by our partners from the poem Adiós ríos, adiós fontes written by Rosalía de Castro. Here are the links:
    - Posted by Cristina París Brandariz, 12.06.2015

  • http://youtu.be/i5_xnXfgAKc A video with the poems of Firpo and Balbis
    - Posted by Bruna Giacosa, 10.06.2015