Homemade water treatment plant (Spain)

  • How to build a homemade water treatment plant in a bottle


    1. A 1.5 or 2 litres mineral water or Coke bottle

    2. Scissors

    3. Strainer

    4. Two big glasses

    5. Soil

    6.Rotten leaves

    7. Water

    8. A piece of fabric

    9. Cotton and gauzes

    10. Sand, small stones, vegetal charcoal


    1 .  Remove the bottle cap and cut it along the middle line

    2. Keep the upper half of the bottle, turn it upside down, and introduce the materials playing the role of filters in the following order: cotton, stones, sand, charcoal, fabric and gauzes. Rest the structure above one of the glasses

    3. In the lower half of the bottle mix and stir the water with the solids playing the role of organic remains (soil, leaves...).

    4. Pour the mixture in the other glass, passing it through the strainer

    5. Let the liquid rest for some minutes. The solids will move to the bottom, wihile the dirty water will stay above.

    6. Pour slowly the dirty water thourgh the bottle and filters

    7. Wait some minutes. Look at the filtered water and compare it with the initial sample

  • Constructions steps

    Adding the cotton
    Adding the stones
    Adding the sand
    Adding the fabric and gauzes
    Preaparing the water mixture
    Filtering the mixture through the strainer
    Pouring the dirty water through the treatment plant
    Waiting for the water to filter
    Filtered water results