Our Project

  • This project is the first phase of the Erasmus project "Ecosystèmes, Eau, Énergies & métiers de l'environnement : un défi global pour la jeunesse européenne !”. The environment will be the global theme of our Erasmus+ project, but this year we will focus on two different themes that we will try to analyze from different points of view (using science but also connecting them to art, music, and literature):

    • Ecosystems and the recycle policy in our European countries
    • The importance of Water in our life.


    • Form a civic conscience of the importance of preserving our natural environment
    • Spread useful habits to make our world more beautiful
    • Improve the scientific competences about ecosystems and the role of the water in life
    • Share good practices between European countries about the environment
    • To develop students’ IT and foreign language skills through a scientific exchange project between our European partners

    The steps of the project





    Each partner creates a video or power point for presenting itself and publish it on page “Keep in touch”.

    15th of November


    Logo : each partner can propose one logo for the project.

    10th December: last day for presenting your logo

    20th December: online votation

    3 Local visits : where our students discover their local ecosystems  


    Ecosystem Calendar:  a collaborative 2019 calendar, three months for each partner. In each month the national teams choose one local species (animal or vegetal) and design the month cover: photos, name translated to all mother tongues and English,...

    March 15th

    5 The ecosystem corner : where you can find all informations about the local ecosystems

    Before Spain mobility

    March 31th

    6 Let's make our school greener : where students share ideas to make their school greener. Until May 2019


    Scratch games : we are going to have fun together building some scratch games about ecosystems.

    15th March


    The water corner :

    where all students present his water experiments

    end of May


    Water Board Game

    Eaach contry works on the waterboard game.

    1st April: everyone must present his work, inserting it on the suitable page of etwinning

    15th April: online votation

    15th May: production of the winner board game.

    10 School trips page where all data related to the different trips are stored  

    The food of Thought corner :

    where students let their creativity run free



    Dissemination :

    Each partner present its work in its own school and put on etwinning videos, photos, material of the exhibition.



    Assessment :

    where all assessment results are released